How to Apply for Poor Credit Secured Loans: Get Approval for Bad Credit Equity Loans

The demand for poor credit secured loans has increased as fewer individuals now qualify for unsecured loans. According to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling in April 2015, 15% of U.S. citizens (the equivalent of 34 million people) have made a late payment. A further 8% (18 million people) have failed to make a payment at all. Failing to keep up with repayments can lead to a credit decline.

Poor Credit Secured Loans

The provision of collateral increases the likelihood of the borrower receiving approval. There is a much higher default rate associated with lending money to those with an unreliable record of repayment, but putting up collateral reduces the risk faced by a lender. It is important to understand that failing to keep up with repayments on home loans for people with bad credit can ultimately lead to home foreclosure.

Sufficient Home Equity

A poor credit secured loan will only be available to those who have sufficient equity in their property. Equity is defined as the amount the property is worth after subtracting the mortgage and all loans secured on it. This margin helps to protect the lenders interest in the event of default and a forced sale. Whilst 125% loans/mortgages used to be available, banks have been forced to change their lending strategy.

Debt-to-Income Ratio

Adverse credit secured loans aren’t as reliant on the borrower’s credit score. However, lenders will still scrutinise finances to ensure that repayment is affordable. Having a high percentage of debt increases the probability of a borrower defaulting on the agreement. Whilst the lender has the collateral, it doesn’t want to foreclose on a property as it is time consuming and brings bad publicity.

Stable Employment History

Home loans for people with bad credit are far more likely to be approved when the applicant has a steady employment history. Individuals in temporary employment, still in their probationary period or self-employed (with less than 3 years accounts) are likely to find getting approval far more difficult. A loans and mortgage broker may be able to provide some valuable assistance.

Too Many Applications for Poor Credit Secured Loans

Every application for credit will show on a personal credit report. Whilst making a few applications is acceptable, applying for lots of different home loans for bad credit can set off alarm bells for lenders. This is because it signifies desperation, money problems and a higher likelihood of the borrower not being able to keep up with repayments. It is important to apply for the right type of loans from the outset.

Poor credit secured loans will normally only be available to those who are able to satisfy the above criteria. Think carefully before signing up for any bad credit equity loan because failing to keep up with monthly repayments could result in home foreclosure.